Living in Khao Lak

Are you retired, pre-retired or looking for your paradise?

Khao Lak is your

Khao Lak embodies calm and relaxation in a perfect setting combining tropical forest and wide white sand beaches renowned for being the most beautiful in Thailand.

You can live in peace with a budget of around 1000.-euros per month per person all inclusive.

For information, the minimum wage in Thailand is 220 euros and the standard salary for an office worker is around 300/350 euros per month. It is therefore easy for salaries foreignto have staff for household chores or gardening.

This great difference should make people aware of the gap that exists between the average Thai and the farangs (a word designating foreigners with white skin), who are a priori considered rich. Farangs are well regarded in Thailand, as long as they behave with respect, and everything is done to make their life pleasant.

Khao Lak is a haven of peace. A calm, serene city, without exaggerated nightlife activities, just music that accompanies your meals outside.

You can discover its local daily markets in different places during the day and in the evening for all kinds of food and taste fresh products.

Several clinics are also available, including a branch of the Bangkok Hospital.

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