Discovery Khao Lak


Khao Lak city  itself does not exist. But for tourist fame reasons, this label was affixed more than 20 years ago on the small village of Ban Khao Lak, the beach of Hat Khao Lak and the bay of Khao Lak (Ao Khao Lak). So, this name has been extended over more than 20 kilometers of shore.

It is therefore the name of a set of villages forming a seaside resort between the national road 4 and the Andaman Sea. The city is located in Phang Nga province in southern Thailand about 70 kilometers north of Phuket International Airport.

There are many temples in the Khao Lak area and its location is famous for being the starting point for many must see sights, attractions and tours.


Located on the Andaman coast, near the island of Phuket, Khao Lak is a dream destination for nature and beach lovers. In the heart of the 7 preserved national parks of the Phang Nga region, it benefits from an exceptional setting combining charm and originality. 

The authorities have chosen to turn to family tourism that respects the environment and motorized nautical activities are prohibited because of protected diving spots.

On the other hand, the city is close enough to Phuket to take a walkabout now and then and go out or shop and far enough away to escape the heavy traffic.