The foundations

Foundations are made up of concrete, stones and reinforcements, and are anchored relatively deeply, depending on the nature of the soil, the materials of your house, the number of floors, the presence of annexes, etc.


The reinforcement

The reinforcement is carried out by first placing wooden blocks at the bottom of the trench every 2 m. However, it is essential that the reinforcement does not touch the bottom of the trench.

Then, we place the foundation reinforcements in the trenches by linking them with so-called connecting reinforcements, so that none comes apart when pouring the concrete.

Constructions (walls, low walls, stairs, retaining walls, etc.) need to be anchored into the ground.

To flow The foundations

Then comes the time to pour your foundations. The concrete must cover all the frames except vertical expectations. The concrete is poured evenly over all the trenches.

Guy Real Estate use two types of foundations:

  • sunken concrete pillar
  • Foundations sole type