Earthwork is a process that allows you to shape your land by creating a new relief. It means  preparing the land where the future house will stand by moving large quantities of material (earth, rocks, etc.) from the ground. During this stage, the ground will be dug to accommodate the future foundations and pipes. Earth taken will either be used to fill certain cavities in the ground or evacuated from the site.

It is an important step in the building of your house and also your garden, your courtyard or your driveway because it determines the style of the space. Indeed, once the shaping of your land is completed, you will no longer be able to change it without incurring significant costs.

The dimensions for the earthworks are calculated based on the volume of the construction.

Trenches must be dug and the ground leveled and then flattened. Certain slopes are created for the flow of water.

A special film is then applied to maintain the seal.

The filling and the cutting

This type of earthmoving involves digging and clearing the levels defined for your project. You must then backfill the levels that are too low.

The aim of this earthwork is to properly balance the volumes to limit the evacuation of earth into landfill or the addition of external earth.

The planting pit

Successfully carrying out earthworks for a planting pit allows you to loosen your soil in preparation for planting plants.

Circulation disbursement

The depth of the disbursement depends on the type of path chosen and its nature… Pedestrian path, traffic for heavy vehicles, road for light vehicles, etc.