Our roofs and frames


The roofs

Essential to ensure the safety of your home, the roof slope allows rainwater to evacuate and avoid humidity problems. However, not all roofs have the same degree of slope and you will have to respect a certain percentage of slope.

Your roof viability is essentially based on its inclination. It must ensure the solidity of the structure of your frame, wind resistance but also the evacuation of rainwater.

Flat roofs

Terrace and flat roofs are increasingly demand to builders. Some see modernity but also an luxurious side, especially when the flat roof is combined with large bay windows. In the same way, a flat roof on a single-storey house immediately gives a certain character.

If there is no question of tiles, flat and terrace roofs require a special layer to guarantee their waterproofing. Today, roofers use specific waterproofing membranes for roofs, treated against fire and UV. This membrane is then fixed hot or cold, this method is simpler to implement.

To avoid any water infiltration, a slope of between 1 and 5% is required.

In the field of flat roofs, two scenarios are possible :

The one where the roof is not accessible d on it on a daily basis, but can nevertheless be used for maintenance. 

And, conversely, when it is accessible and we can, for example, create a layout to take advantage of the outdoors, like a classic terrace, roof terraces are thus considered to be the must for flat roofs.

The steel tray roof

The steel deck roof, based on interlocking plates, gives a modern appearance to a house, in an industrial spirit. This is the case for sloping roofs. However, flat roofs can benefit from this material.

The steel tray offers many advantages such as simplicity of installation and its durability. It is also a universal piece of equipment that can be adapted to extensions, a garage or other exterior development. In addition, the steel tray offers many style possibilities since it is possible to have it painted or to opt for an imitation wood or even tiles.

Sloping roofs

Sloped roofs are the most common despite the growing trend for flat roofs. It must be said that classic roofs have advantages to highlight. Far from being out of fashion, on the contrary they allow for increasingly assertive styles.

Therefore, the sloping roof has undeniable advantages: 

– rainwater is evacuated much more easily, even if the risk of infiltration also depends on the waterproofing

– the air circulates better.

2-sided or 4-sided roof

A 2-sided roof is that of a classic one, with the 2 sides meeting on the ridge. The house is not, however, in one piece and can be U-shaped, L-shaped, or other. Simple, this roof always appeals, particularly for its ease of water evacuation.

The 4-sided roof is, in its first definition, a pyramidal roof typical of pavilions. It can also be a ridged roof also made of 4 sides.

But flat roofs and sloping roofs sometimes coexist on the same house in a harmonious balance.

2-section roof
2-section roof
4-section roof
4-section roof

The different types of frames

The primary function of a house frame is to support the roof. It must be resistant over time, whatever the bad weather. If the frame has a practical role, it can also become an aesthetic element that can be integrated into its interior decoration, in particular by retaining the exposed beams.

In terms of material, we find the metal frame on agricultural or industrial buildings, even if it is more and more present in our interiors.

The traditional framework

A frame is called traditional when it is designed with different woods assembled without connectors (the metal parts are used for assembly). It is usually made of wooden beams and posts and needs to be treated against insects, mold and fungus.

Metallic frame

Very popular in Thailand, this type of frame is recommended to avoid termites and other creatures.

The inclination degree of a flat roof  must be between 2 and 15% generally made of resistant concrete. In fact, concrete is easy to use and offers multiple configurations. It resists climatic aggression and provides good sound and thermal insulation.


Metallic frame
Metallic frame

Custom-made frames

They allow you to obtain an original creation.

Type of covers

  • fiber cement boards
  • roof tiles
  • sheet metal
  • Canadian shingle or chingueil