The stages of build -The structural work

Land preparation


The staking operation aims to delimit the location of the building and the pipes using stakes. This step is essential to draw up the plans of the house to be built and precisely target the area to be disbursed.



Land preparation
Land preparation1
Land preparation2

The earthwork


A ground earthwork must be carried out, then the foundation trenches are dug in the ground according to the future location of your house.

The essential step of your site is the earthworks, before the step of encroaching, gravel or tarring.

Trenches must be dug and the ground leveled. Some slopes are created for the water flow and a special film is then applied to maintain the seal.

The excavation (or stripping) aims to remove a layer of vegetation in order to level the ground (swimming pool optional). 

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The foundations


The house must imperatively rests on a foundation, it is the first step to be put in place before the construction of the walls. Designed using concrete poured into trenches or formwork, foundations form the base of the house. They guarantee a stable and solid construction.

We  use two types of foundations:

sunken concrete pillar

foundations with concrete footings

Once the foundations and sanitation have been completed, the house will be able to rise up of the ground.

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Foundations with pillars
Foundations with pillars
Footing type foundation
Footing type foundation



To be stable and resistant over time, the foundations must be reinforced with concrete. A metal frame is placed in the foundations.


The walls


Once the base of the construction is finished, it is time to build the walls that will constitute the structure of the house. We will choose one of the following materials to make the walls : brick, cinder block, cellular concrete or wood.


The septic tank


It is mandatory to install individual sanitation, namely a septic tank as your house will be located in a non collective sanitation area as most of the time in Thailand.

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Septik tank

The roof


We  offer different roofs and types of framework with several types of covers.

Very popular in Thailand, the metal frame is recommended to avoid termites and other beasts. But we can also offer you a traditional framework or tailor-made for an original creation.

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