From the draft to the handing over of the keys

Listen and understand you


After noting the important lines, we guide and assist you in your construction project.

Your expectations are important and they will allow us to lay the first foundations of your real estate project.


From sketch to material


Once your project has been defined, the various construction sketches are studied. Together we go through possibilities that may be suitable for you.

At the end of interviews, and according to your wishes, our team builds your project in a more concrete way by drawing and materializing your house plans.

Your home construction then enters a new stage. Our Agency studies the implementation requirements according to several points:

Aesthetic aspects and architectural lines

Interior layout and circulation options (practical aspect)

Surfaces and volumes of the living rooms

Construction: the technical choices

Also think your house from the outside!

In order to build your house, a large number of points must be taken into account:

Choice of materials for floors and walls

Choosing your kitchen and bathroom

Selection of the air conditioning system ….

These choices, but also many others are then discussed in order to meet the requirements of your future home in the smallest detail (see our dedicated pages).

Here again, we share our observations and suggestions with you. Our teams support you in your choices and decisions.

The budget offer is then adjusted, taking into account your requests for services or finishes. This step also allows you to adjust the construction project to your budget requirements.

Once the construction project has been validated, we file the building permit.


Let us realize your project


Then, we sign together the Individual House Construction Contract, a regulated contract that secures your project, from the starting point to the laying of the first stone.

This contract contains several guarantees, both economically and for the work itself. see our guarantees


Your house layout


During a field visit with our technical manager (which can also be done virtually), we validate together the exact location of your house, its orientation, its technical and financial feasibility before submitting the building permit.


The building permit


We support you in all the steps from the preparation of the building permit application file as well as its submission in compliance with town planning regulations and the standards in force.


The technical development of your project


Once the building permit has been obtained, we carry out a technical meeting with you in order to prepare all the documents necessary for the start of the work..


The starting up and monitoring work


Work can begin!

We remain your interlocutor throughout the construction in order to scrupulously respect your requests but also to guarantee advice and support in your administrative procedures.

We will make this link so that you keep a concrete look at your house construction, step by step.

Your home construction must be your only concern, we take care of all the work and its follow-up. This until the keys are handed over.

The construction is launched.

During the whole stages of your accommodation construction site, visits, but also progress meetings are led by the works supervisor.

The latter, responsible for coordinating the various trades, regularly communicates to our Agency the construction progress during meetings.


Key delivery


At the end of these different phases, you can finally take possession of your accommodation.