From the search for the land, to your house building, Guy Real Estate supports you in your project. Let’s create YOUR home together with OUR team of professionals.

Youris at hand.

Discover an example of building below with or without swimming pool (optional)

We offer customers different types of houses designed in an innovative and quality spirit, tailor-made houses, according to your wishes, for a unique house, in your image.

It’s up to you to give us your desires, your needs and your budget, and it’s up to us to offer you the individual house construction project that suits you best!

Firmly anchored in the philosophy of our company, our values ​​are based on commitments in terms of quality and sustainability, with the assurance of long-term good living and the transmission of heritage.

Our Agency maintains a spirit of authenticity and proximity with its customers, but also with its artisans, trusted partners selected by us, who build your home.

Our professionals at the service of your construction project offer you:

Knowledge of the land and town planning rules

  • A study of your house layout
  • Deposit of building permits
  • Administrative follow
  • Management of a network of local businesses

Respect for construction quality and the environment


Delivery warranty at agreed price and time

You are assured that the house will be delivered at the price initially planned and on time.

Perfect completion

  • The five (5) year warranty takes effect on the notification date to the customer for the end of building works.
  • This warranty applies to the structural parts of the house and the swimming pool, if there are, including the foundations, concrete, soil and columns excluding finishing and decoration furniture.
  • A one (1) year warranty applies for non-structural parts of the house and pool, if any.
  • All repairs should be carried out with diligence and promptly if deemed necessary.
  • The warranty for all the supplier’s appliances and furniture is subject to the manufacturer’s or supplier’s warranty period.