About Us

Located in the heart of Khao Lak, Guy Real Estate Agency, made up of professionals, is at your disposal to meet your expectations. Our services support you in all your administrative and legal procedures.

Rental, sale, purchase, we help you find the property that suits you.

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Guy Real Estate is the first real estate agency in Khao Lak.

This company is growing rapidly since November 2018 in both rental and construction domains. Guy Real Estate Agency is now able to find the property you need.

Faced with Khao Lak development, it is necessary to answer to a growing demand for real estate and to offer experienced professionals services for its future inhabitants and investors.

Indeed, Khao Lak begins to play a leading role in the region located not far from Phuket island. Many investors wish to take advantage of real estate opportunities in Khao Lak now thanks to the various expansion works put in place.

The main road connecting Khao Lak to Phuket has been fully developed and a brand new 4-lane, fast and safe, allows you to reach Phuket island in less than an hour.

The Thai state is actively developing its airport capacity and the region will soon benefit from a second international airport in Phang Nga province located just 45 minutes from Khao Lak.

Project to sell or rent a property?

We have the commercial, technical and legal knowledge for personalized support. A list of advises can be given to guide you for making sure the buyer or the lessor feels comfortable in your property.

Indeed, it is advisable to take special care in the presentation of your property to promote the projection of your purchaser or renter in his new place of life.

It is always easier to sell real estate when the potential buyer or lessor finds a clear and bright space, with if possible, a neutral decoration.

Estimation of your property

The success of your project is above all the good estimate of your property. The price must be optimized to be competitive in the market.

Selling Your Real Estate

Sell ​​when you’re ready. An advisor will be able to adapt the various marketing and development tools for your property according to the date on which you want to finalize your project.